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Hello, I'm Gustavo Atar.

I love to collaborate, ideate, and create delightful experiences.
And I dig UX.


Create something useful.

A people first design approach that is inclusive of all minds and disciplines and starts with sprint planning.

  1. Assign Design Challenge and Leads
  2. Schedule Workshops and Testing
  3. Create Experience Brief and Deadlines
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Interviews, Research, Problem Definition

First things first, get to know your customer, from an outside — in perspective. This understanding and further research is vital to a finalized problem definition and product strategy.


Inspiration, Studio, Synthesis

Depending on the problem you have —team workshopping, using examples from Google Sprint method, or the Studio method will kick start design thinking. This will give the team a wall full of targeted design thinking to solve our problem.

When complete, further ideate — synthesize and decide if you need more solutions.


Architect, Studio, Conceptual to Finalized Design

Once we've outlined our content, architecture and user types, we can move to design. Design is a process of both collaboration and design refinement. This coupled with a feedback loop from customers always gets results. The goal is to build a prototype in 1 to 2 design sprints.

When satisfied with design — test and validate the design with customer feedback.


Architect, Foundation, Build

Design is finalized, technical architecture is finalized, and our environment is ready— Next the team assembles to code.

Requirements, specifications and mainly design artifacts like digital styleguides aide developers when crafting with data sources to make the product come to life.


Test, Secure, Maintain

The product is ready for launch with a healthy backlog of featuers to come, but before it can be marked shipped for its public relesae, the testing takes shape in the form of QA and UAT.

Once test cases and user testing meet the threshold of good design, the product is secured and deployed.


I have been fortunate to have worked with many great people and brands.

Best Damn Brewing

Role: User Experience Director

Design Team: Emily Pawlawk, Heidi Hillenbrand, Steve Conroy, Liz Hill, Christian Rogers
Creative Directors: Christine Keillor, Murray Grondin

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Chevrolet Build & Price

Role: Senior User Experience Architect

Design Team: Charles Hall, Melissa Knisley
UX/Creative Director: Scott Hensler

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Red Robin

Role: Senior User Experience Architect

Design Team: Christine Keillor, Emily Pawlawk
UX Director: Scott Hensler
Creative Directors: Tim Winters, Fred Stafford

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Role: User Experience Director

Design Team: Erik Valdez, Elise Henley, Christine Keillor, Chethna Suryakumar
Creative Directors: Curtis Melville, Jeff Cruz

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Abbott Life to the Fullest

Role: User Experience Director

Design Team: Elizabeth Gersabeck, Steve Conroy, Kevin Malone
Creative Directors: Ann Phipps, Josh Rose

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Ford Transit Upfits

Role: Senior Interactive Designer

Design Team: Alex Aranda, Alan Jacobson
Creative Directors: Chris Freitag, Steve Fritsch

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Shock Top

Role: User Experience Director

Design Team: Christine Keillor, Elise Henley
Creative Directors: Jeff Cruz, Chris Bissonette

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MOTOR Selectline

Role: User Experience Lead

Design Team: Peter Ruthenberg, John Winowieki

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Cadillac Owner Guide App

Role: User Experience Director

Design Team: Holly Attebury, Brian Zatopek, Laura Quinn
Creative Director: Murray Grondin

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I'm available via email, phone, or social sites.

Tel: (734) 604-1158